How To Get More People Involved In Ridesharing And Carpooling For Your Community

Ridesharing and carpooling are excellent ways to save money, reduce emissions, and decrease traffic congestion. Unfortunately, many people are still hesitant to use these services. In this article, we will discuss the steps you can take to encourage more people in your community to get involved in ridesharing and carpooling.

Step 1: Educate Your Community

The first step in getting more people involved in ridesharing and carpooling is to educate your community on how these services work and their benefits. This can be done through workshops, events, and social media. Share statistics on how ridesharing and carpooling can reduce emissions, traffic congestion, and save money. Highlight the convenience of having a coworker or neighbor pick you up on their way to work or a community member giving you a ride to an event.

Step 2: Create Ridesharing and Carpooling Programs

Creating ridesharing and carpooling programs provides a platform for community members to connect with one another. You can create programs that focus on a particular area or event, like a ridesharing program for a school or a carpooling program for a festival. Engage local businesses and organizations to participate and incentivize their employees to rideshare or carpool. Be creative and come up with fun rewards for participants, such as exclusive parking spots or gift cards.

Step 3: Collaborate with Ride-Sharing Services

Partner with ride-sharing services like Uber, Lyft, and Zipcar to provide discounts or promotions for ridesharing and carpooling. Encourage these services to offer carpooling options, promote the benefits of carpooling and highlight how easy it is to set up. Provide information on how to use their ridesharing and carpooling options to your community.

Step 4: Organize Events And Carpooling Days

Organizing events like “Carpool-to-Work Day” or “Rideshare Week” can help encourage more people to participate in ridesharing and carpooling. Partner with local government organizations, businesses and transportation departments to organize events which promote alternative modes of transportation. Host seminars for individuals looking to get involved and create opportunities for people to partner with each other to drive together.

Step 5: Advocate For Your Community

Advocate for your community’s access to ridesharing and carpooling options. Work with elected officials to create policies and incentives for individual carpooling and larger ridesharing programs. Work with local businesses to implement carpooling incentives and access to designated parking. Advocate for additional transportation investment and improvements to increase transit affordability and accessibility.


Ridesharing and carpooling are affordable, convenient options to reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions, as well as save money for commuters. By educating your community on the advantages of ridesharing and carpooling, creating ridesharing and carpooling programs, collaborating with ride-sharing services, organizing events and advocating for your community, you can encourage more residents in your community to carpool or use ridesharing options. Encourage people to participate, make it fun and rewarding, and, over time, your community could reap the benefits of a more connected and sustainable culture.

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