How To Stay Safe While Cycling Or Walking On Shared Roads With Cars For Transportation

Getting around on shared roads with cars for transportation can be a risky proposition if you’re not familiar with the rules and etiquette of the road. Whether you’re a cyclist, pedestrian, or driver, there are certain things you can do to stay safe while sharing the roadway.

Stay Visible

Visibility is key when it comes to staying safe on shared roads. As a cyclist or pedestrian, dressing in bright or reflective clothing and utilizing lights or reflectors on your bike or body can make it easier for drivers to see you. It’s important to remember that drivers have limited visibility, so don’t assume that they can see you just because you can see them.

Understand the Laws

Understanding the rules of the road is important for everyone who uses shared roadways. As a pedestrian, you should know where you’re allowed to walk and when you should cross the street. As a cyclist, you should know the laws regarding bike lanes and when you’re allowed to ride in traffic. As a driver, you should know the speed limit and when to yield to pedestrians and cyclists.

Communicate with Signals

When sharing the road, it’s important to communicate with other users using hand signals. Cyclists should signal when turning or changing lanes, and pedestrians should make eye contact with drivers to ensure that they’ve been seen before crossing the street. Drivers should use their blinkers when turning or changing lanes to alert other users of their intentions.

Avoid Distractions

Distractions can be deadly when sharing the road with cars. As a cyclist or pedestrian, avoid listening to music or using your phone while on the road. Always stay alert and aware of your surroundings. As a driver, avoid using your phone or other electronic devices while driving. Pay attention to the road and always be prepared to react to unexpected situations.

Stay Predictable

Predictability is key when it comes to staying safe on shared roads. As a cyclist or pedestrian, avoid sudden movements or changes in direction. Stick to bike lanes or sidewalks wherever possible. As a driver, avoid sudden stops or turns, and always give other users plenty of space.

Take Precautions at Night

Nighttime can be an especially dangerous time for cyclists and pedestrians. Wear reflective clothing and use lights or reflectors on your bike or body to stay visible. As a driver, be extra cautious when driving at night and be prepared to react to unexpected situations.


Sharing the road with cars can be a safe and enjoyable experience if everyone involved follows the rules and stays aware of their surroundings. By staying visible, understanding the laws, communicating with signals, avoiding distractions, staying predictable, and taking precautions at night, you can help ensure your safety while sharing the road with cars for transportation.

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